I am Christian, a super cool graphic designer

I ... design awesome visual identity, communication design and web design. Your project is safe with me

Visual Identity

One of the most important things I learned back in my Art Insitute times during my Graphic Design was to love the logo

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Communication Design

There is no doubt communication is important in Design, beautiful design would be worthless if the message is not clear

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Web Design

The Website Design should be friendly and conversational as we are talking face to face with visitors, as 21st Century newspapers

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Personal Designs

I have always enjoyed Art @ early age This love has stayed with me developed, grown, now, I can't imagine wanting do anything else

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Some Of My Work

IMREX 2000

IMREX was a Visual Identity project - for the Professional Boatbuilders magazine

Women's retreat 2008

WOMEN RETREAT was a Communication design project - for Calvary Chapel North Long Beach

shockwave youth summer

SHOCKWAVE YOUTH was a Visual Identity project - for the Berlin Evangelical in Ohio

Harvest logo

A Logo For The Christian Substitute Harvest Day for Halloween October 31st

My Lastest News

AUGUST 11TH, 2016

... mmm ... I am now using Google All Access music service for my music subscription. Google doesn't have a desktop application for the music service but you may use Google Play Music Desktop Player by Samuel Attard....... A beautiful cross platform Desktop Player for Google Play Music !!!!